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Difference between Struts 1.1 and Struts 1.2

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Struts 1.1Struts 1.2
In Struts 1.1, ActionError were not deprecated.In Struts 1.2, ActionError were deprecated, needs to use ActionErrors or ActionMessages instead of ActionError.
public ActionErrors validate(ActionMapping mapping,HttpServletRequest request) {
ActionErrors errors = new ActionErrors();
if((userName == null) || (userName.length() < 1)) {
errors.add("username", new ActionMessage("error.username.required"));
MappingDispatchAction was not available here.Introducing to MappingDispatchAction (A new standard action that dispatches to a method name by having different actions in the action Mappings for each method. E.g you can do Add, Edit, Delete in same mapping.)
It is not available in this version.Attribute 'module' has been introduced in the forward tag of action.Which will be used to link to another module when forward happens.Can be used when we work with SwithAction.
validWhen is not available in validation framework in this version.Validation framework was fine tuned , including additon of new validation rule 'validWhen'
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