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Difference between EJB 2.0 and EJB 3.0

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EJB 2.0EJB 3.0
EJB 2.0 uses the entity Beans for accessing the databases.EJB 3.0 uses the JPA to access the database.
EJB 2.0 needs deployment description.There is no requirement of deployment description while using EJB 3.0.
In EJB 2.0, we have to write Home and Remote interface to have access the databases.EJB 3.0 does not have such constraint and is more convenient in this regard.
Security issues are handling through Deployment descriptors in EJB 2.0.EJB 3.0 is using annotation.
EJB 2.0 has limitation in its pluggability with third party persistence providers.These limitations not exist in EJB 3.0.
In EJB 3.0, Query is very flexible and several levels of joins are enabled through the refined EJB-QL. While EJB 3.0 is facilitating with refined EJB-QL and hence database queries written are very flexible.
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