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Difference between CSS 2 and CSS 3

Features added/updated:
- Font selection
- Tables
- Positioning
- Cursors
- [*] matches any tag, e.g *{color: red}.
- [>] Parent-Child relationship, e.g body>div.header>p{color: red}.
- Space can be used to specify that a tag must have other tags as its ancestor. e.g table a img {border:none}.
- can be used to specify some restriction on sibling tags. e.g img + p {color:red}.
There are special syntax to match some mouse hovering, focusing, behaviors. e.g a:link {color:red}, a:visited {color:green}, a:hover {color:yellow}.
- Can be used to match a tag only if it is the first child. e.g li:first-child {color:red}.
- :first-letter and :first-line can be used. e.g p:first-letter {color:red}, p:first-line {color:blue}.
- You can match the existence of a attribute, by the syntax tagName[attributeName]. e.g a[title] {color:red}.
-You can match a tag's attribute's value, using the syntax tagName[attributeName="valueString"]. e.g img[alt="icon"] {border:solid thin red}.
- A word in the value of a attribute can be matched, by using the operator ~=. e.g img[alt~="house"] {border:solid thin red}.
- Layout are done with attributes “display” and “position”. e.g BBB {display:block; position:absolute; top:300px, left:50px}.
- Has the ability to specify a table format. e.g BBB {display: table-row}, CCC {display: table-cell}.
- “white-space” has a new behavior spec: nowrap. e.g DDD {white-space: nowrap}.
Text can be inserted at the beginning or end of specified tag, using :before and :after. e.g AA:before {content:'Proof: '}, AA:after {content:'End of Proof.'}.
- Background Image can be repeated, or just horizontally or vertically. e.g AAA {background-repeat:repeat-x}
Features added/updated:
- CSS 3 Selectors
- Rounded Corners
- border-image
- box-shadow
- text-shadow
- Gradient
- RGBA: Color, Now with Opacity
- Transform (Element Rotation)
- Multicolumn Layout
-Web Fonts
- border-radius
- background-origin and background-clip
- background-size e.g background-size: auto 125px;
- Multiple Backgrounds e.g background-image: url(sheep.png), url(betweengrassandsky.png);
- HSL colors
-HSLA colors
- opacity
- RGBA colors
- text-overflow
- word-wrap
- box-sizing
- resize
- outline
- attribute selectors
- nav-top, nav-right, nav-bottom, nav-left
- overflow-x, overflow-y
- content
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