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Difference between Spring 2.5 and Spring 3.0

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Spring 2.5Spring 3.0
In Spring 2.5, return ModelAndView is an old style code writing.In spring 3.0 add later you can return both ModelAndView or nameView either.
Spring framework 2.5 is compatible with Java 1.4 and higher versions.Spring framework 3.0 is compatible with Java 5 and higher versions.
In Spring framework 2.5, native expression language exists which is less powerful than spring expression language of spring 3.0 and it has different parsing rules.Spring framework 3.0 introduces Spring Expression Language which defines bean definitions based XML and Annotation.
Spring framework 2.5 does not support type conversions and field formatting.Spring framework 3.0 has type converting system and field formatting.
Spring framework 2.5 does not offer complete support for JSR303 bean validation API.Spring framework 3.0 fully supports the JSR303 bean validation API.
Spring framework 2.5 does not support the embedded database engines.Spring framework 3.0 offers support for various embedded database engines like HSQL, Derby and H2.
Spring framework 2.5 does not support Comprehensive REST.Comprehensive REST support is available in Spring framework 3.0.
This is not available in 2.5.We provide support for asynchronous method invocations through the use of the new @Async annotation.
This is not available in 2.5.A mvc namespace has been introduced that greatly simplifies Spring MVC configuration. Additional annotations such as @CookieValue and @RequestHeaders have been added.
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