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Language in C Interview Questions and Answers

Ques. How to use scanf( ) to read the date in the form of dd-mm-yy?

Ans. To read the date in the form of dd-mm-yy one possible way is,
int dd, mm, yy ;
char ch ; /* for char '-' */
printf ( "\nEnter the date in the form of dd-mm-yy : " ) ;
scanf( "%d%c%d%c%d", &dd, &ch, &mm, &ch, &yy ) ;
Another way is to use suppression character * is as follows:
int dd, mm, yy ;
scanf( "%d%*c%d%*c%d", &dd, &mm, &yy ) ;
The suppression character '*' suppresses the input read from the standard input buffer for the assigned control character.
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