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jQuery Interview Questions and Answers

Ques. What are your tools of choice to get the jQuery job done?
Ans. For editing files, I love the e texteditor. It basically started as a textmate clone for windows, but since then grew into something much greater. One of the features I can't live without now is there great multiple selection support. Hold down CTRL, select a couple words through double clicking and then type over all of them. Is that cool or what? On a sidenote, on one of my talks in Japan the audience asked why I'm so insane to use a Textmate clone through an emulated Windows on OSX - I showed them this exact feature, and they were all amazed.

Other than that, I like TortoiseSVN, even if it slows down the Explorer, I love Photoshop, especially the new version with hardware acceleration, Trillian Astra for instant messaging, Gmail for email, Firefox 3 for browsing, VideoLAN for playing video, Keynote for preparing presentations, and WinSCP/Putty to do server administration. Phew, I guess that's about it.
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