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Java Mail Interview Questions and Answers

Ques. What is Address in JavaMail api?
Ans. Now we will define address, Address class is also an abstract class so we will use here class javax.mail.internet.InternetAddress.

Address address = new InternetAddress("");

To display a name next to the Email Address use one more argument for name.

Address address = new InternetAddress("", "Arindam");

After creating address connect with message by two ways:

1: By setFrom()method: message.setFrom(address);
1: By setReplyTo()method: When want to send reply

to more addresses.
Address address[] = ...;

To identify the recipient, add the recipients by using addRecipient() method….

message.addRecipient(type, address);

Address types are of three types:
1. Message.RecipientType.TO: primary recipient
2. Message.RecipientType.CC: carbon copy
3. Message.RecipientType.BCC: blind carbon copy
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