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MSSQL Interview Questions and Answers

Ques. How to create a user to access a database in MS SQL Server using "CREATE USER" statements?
Ans. This answer is about creating login and configure users for databases with Transact-SQL statements. Granting a user access to a database involves three steps. First, you create a login. The login lets the user connect to the SQL Server Database Engine. Then you configure the login as a user in the specified database. And finally, you grant that user permission to database objects. This lesson shows you these three steps, and shows you how to create a view and a stored procedure as the object. This tutorial assumes that you are running SQL Server Management Studio Express.

Mary now has access to this instance of SQL Server 2005, but does not have permission to access the databases. She does not even have access to her default database YourDataBaseName until you authorize her as a database user.

To grant Mary access, switch to the YourDataBaseName database, and then use the CREATE USER statement to map her login to a user named Mary.

To create a user in a database - Type and execute the following statements (replacing computer_name with the name of your computer) to grant Mary access to the YourDataBaseName database.

USE [YourDataBaseName];

CREATE USER [Mary] FOR LOGIN [computer_nameMary];

Now, Mary has access to both SQL Server 2005 and the YourDataBaseName database.
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