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MSSQL Interview Questions and Answers

Ques. Where is my database stored on the hard disk in MS SQL Server?
Ans. If a database is created with simple CREATE DATABASE statement, the server will create two database files on the hard disk to store data and configuration information about that data bases:

* database_name.mdf - SQL Server Database Primary Data File
* database_name_log.ldf - SQL Server Database Transaction Log File

To find out the location of database files, you can query the "sys.database_files" view as shown in this tutorial example:

USE withoutbookdb

SELECT type_desc, physical_name, size
FROM sys.database_files
type_desc physical_name size

ROWS c:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL Server
MSSQL.1MSSQLDATAwithoutbookdb.mdf 152

LOG c:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL Server
MSSQL.1MSSQLDATAwithoutbookdb_log.LDF 63

Go verify these two files with Windows Explorer.
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