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JAXB Interview Questions and Answers

Ques. Discuss Global Bindings attributes.
Ans. • collectionType
– “indexed” (uses array and provides methods to get/set elements) or fully-qualified-java-class-name(must implement java.util.List)
– default is “java.util.ArrayList”
• enableFailFastCheck
– “true” or “false” (default)
– if true, invalid property values are reported as soon as they are set, instead of waiting until validation is requested
– not implemented yet in RI
• generateIsSetMethod
– “true” or “false” (default)
– if true, generates isSet and unSet methods for the property
• underscoreBinding
– “asCharInWord” or “asWordSeparator” (default)
– if “asWordSeparator” , underscores in XML names are removed and words are camel-cased to form Java name
– for example, “gear_shift_knob” goes to “gearShiftKnob”
• bindingStyle (was modelGroupAsClass)
– “modelGroupBinding” or “elementBinding” (default)
• choiceContentProperty
– “true” or “false” (default)
– allows objects to hold one of a number of property choices which may each have a different data type
• enableJavaNamingConventions
– “true” (default) or “false”
• fixedAttributeAsConstantProperty
– “true” or “false” (default)
– if true, “fixed” attributes will be represented as constants
• typesafeEnumBase
– “xsd:string” , “xsd:decimal” , “xsd:float” , “xsd:double” or “xsd:NCName” (default)
– defines field type used to represent enumerated values in generated typesafe enum class
• typesafeEnumMemberName
– “generateName” or “generateError” (default)
– specifies what to do if an enumerated value cannot be mapped to a valid Java identifier
– “generateName” generates names in the form VALUE_#
– “generateError” reports an error
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