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Apache Wicket Interview Questions and Answers

Ques. What are the Ways to create a page in wicket?
There are 2 ways to Create New Wicket Page.
1. create a Page Extending "WebPage" Class.
2. create a Page Extending  "BasePage" ( BasePage Should Extend "WebPage").

IF you are using first Way you should Create Whole page with thier Header,Footer and other parts
and that HTML file's content may be large (complicated).This is an Unreliable way to create Page. suppose you have to change some content in Header part then you have to edit all pages that having Header Content 

If you are using second way, first Create your BasePage then you can extend these page to other while creating new page. in that page you have to add only Body part (Content that you want to show on that Page) Using <wicket:child />
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