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Servlets Interview Questions and Answers

  Difficulty Level: AllBeginnerIntermediateExpert

Ques 1. What are advantages of servlets over CGI?

Ques 2. Can you explain in detail "javax.servlet" package?

Ques 3. If a servlet is not properly initialized, what exception may be thrown?

Ques 4. Given the request path below, which are context path, servlet path and path info?

Ques 5. What is filter? Can filter be used as request or response?

Ques 6. When using servlets to build the HTML, you build a DOCTYPE line, why do you do that?

Ques 7. What is new in ServletRequest interface ? (Servlet 2.4)

Ques 8. Request parameter How to find whether a parameter exists in the request object?

Ques 9. How can I send user authentication information while making URL Connection?

Ques 10. Why don't we write a constructor in a servlet?

Ques 11. When we don't write any constructor for the servlet, how does container create an instance of servlet?

Ques 12. What is the difference between callling a RequestDispatcher using ServletRequest and ServletContext?

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