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JUnit Interview Questions and Answers

  Difficulty Level: AllBeginnerIntermediateExperienced/Expert

Ques 1. Who Should Use JUnit?

Ques 2. Why Do You Use JUnit to Test Your Code?

Ques 3. How To Compile a JUnit Test Class?

Ques 4. How To Write a Simple JUnit Test Class?

Ques 5. How To Run a JUnit Test Class?

Ques 6. What CLASSPATH Settings Are Needed to Run JUnit?

Ques 7. How Do I Run JUnit Tests from Command Window?

Ques 8. How To Write a JUnit Test Method?

Ques 9. Why Not Just Use a Debugger for Unit Testing?

Ques 10. Why Not Just Write a main() Method for Unit Testing?

Ques 11. Why Not Just Use System.out.println() for Unit Testing?

Ques 12. Under What Conditions Should You Test set() and get() Methods?

Ques 13. Do You Need to Write a Test Class for Every Class That Need to Be Tested?

Ques 14. Can You Explain the Life Cycle of a JUnit3.8 Test Case Class?

Ques 15. Please Explain the Life Cycle of a JUnit 4.4 Test Class?

Ques 16. How Do You Test a private Method?

Ques 17. How Do You Test a protected Method?

Ques 18. How to create a Test Suite using JUnit in Eclipse?

Ques 19. How To Create Test Class in Eclipse?

Ques 20. How Often Should You Run Your JUnit Tests?

Ques 21. Do You Have To Write a Test for Everything?

Ques 22. How Do You Test a Method That Does not Return Anything?

Ques 23. When Should Unit Tests Should Be Written In Development Cycle?

Ques 24. What is JUnit?

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