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Dojo Interview Questions and Answers

  Difficulty Level: AllBeginnerIntermediateExpert

Ques 1. What is Dojo?

Ques 2. What is the basic structure in Dojo?

Ques 3. What is the point in Dojo?

Ques 4. History of Dojo.

Ques 5. What is Package System in Dojo?

Ques 6. Tell us about Language Libraries in Dojo.

Ques 7. Describe Event System in Dojo.

Ques 8. Tell us about Environment-Specific Libraries in Dojo.

Ques 9. What are Application Support Libraries in Dojo?

Ques 10. Relation between AJAX and Dojo.

Ques 11. What is Widget Toolkit in Dojo?

Ques 12. Example of Dojo script using widgets.

Ques 13. What are the disadvantages of Dojo?

Ques 14. What are the features of Dojo?

Ques 15. Give some components that comes along with Dojo framework.

Ques 16. What are the advantages or benefits of Dojo?

Ques 17. Give a sample example on Dojo.

Ques 18. Sample code for Checkbox in Dojo framework.

Ques 19. Example of Radio Button in Dojo framework.

Ques 20. Example of Tree in Dojo Framework.

Ques 21. Example on Progress Bar in Dojo framework.

Ques 22. Example on Color Picker in Dojo framework.

Ques 23. Example on Drag and Drop in Dojo framework.

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