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Spring Framework Interview Questions and Answers

Ques 11. What do you mean by Bean wiring?

Ans. The act of creating associations between application components (beans) within the Spring container is reffered to as Bean wiring.

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Ques 12. What do you mean by Auto Wiring?
Ans. The Spring container is able to autowire relationships between collaborating beans. This means that it is possible to automatically let Spring resolve collaborators (other beans) for your bean by inspecting the contents of the BeanFactory. The autowiring functionality has five modes.

► no
► byName
► byType
► constructor
► autodetect
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Ques 13. What is DelegatingVariableResolver?
Ans. Spring provides a custom JavaServer Faces VariableResolver implementation that extends the standard Java Server Faces managed beans mechanism which lets you use JSF and Spring together. This variable resolver is called as DelegatingVariableResolver.
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Ques 14. What are the different modules in Spring framework?
Ans. ► The Core container module
► Application context module
► AOP module (Aspect Oriented Programming)
► JDBC abstraction and DAO module
► O/R mapping integration module (Object/Relational)
► Web module
► MVC framework module
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Ques 15. What is the Core container module?
Ans. This module is provides the fundamental functionality of the spring framework. In this module BeanFactory is the heart of any spring-based application. The entire framework was built on the top of this module. This module makes the Spring container.
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