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Tomcat Interview Questions and Answers

Ques 11. Explain the concepts of Tomcat Servlet Container.

Ans. 1) A servlet container is a specialized web server that supports servlet execution.
2) It combines the basic functionality of a web server with certain Java/servlet specific optimizations and extensions (such as an integrated Java runtime environment, and the ability to automatically translate specific URLs into servlet requests).
3) Individual servlets are registered with a servlet container, providing the container with information such as the functionality, the URL used for identification.
4) The servlet container then initializes the servlet as necessary and delivers requests to the servlet as they arrive.
5) Many containers can dynamically add and remove servlets from the system, allowing new servlets to quickly be deployed or removed without affecting other servlets running from the same container.
6) Servlet containers are also referred to as web containers or web engines.

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Ques 12. What is WebServers? Why it is used?
Ans. Transaction with HTTP request and HTTP response is called webserver.
Using the internet listening the HTTP request and providing the HTTP response is also called webserver.It gives only html output.It will not process business logic .They can provide Http server.They are static.
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Ques 13. What is different between webserver and application server?
Ans. The basic difference between a web server and an
application server is Webserver can execute only web applications i,e servlets and JSPs and has only a single container known as Web container which is used to interpret/execute web
Application server can execute Enterprise application, i,e (servlets, jsps, and EJBs) it is having two containers
1. Web Container(for interpreting/executing servlets and jsps)
2. EJB container(for executing EJBs). it can perform operations like load balancing , transaction demarcation etc.
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Ques 14. Question : How to communicate between two webservers in two diff systems?
Ans. By using plug module .
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Ques 15. How web server handles multiple requests for same action class(Struts) concurrently?
Ans. Struts or any webserver makes new thread for each new request. so multiple request is served with new request object.
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