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Zend Framework Interview Questions and Answers

Ques 11. Zend_Cache provides a generic way to cache any data.

Ans. Caching in Zend Framework is operated by frontends while cache records are stored through backend adapters (File, Sqlite,Memcache...) through a flexible system of IDs and tags. Using those, it is easy to delete specific types of records afterwards (for example: "delete all cache records marked with a given tag").
The core of the module (Zend_Cache_Core) is generic, flexible and configurable. Yet, for your specific needs there are cache frontends that extend Zend_Cache_Core for convenience: Output, File, Function and Class.

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Ques 12. Difference between Zend_Registry and Zend_Session?
Ans. The basic difference between these objects is the ‘scope’ in which they are valid:

a) Zend_Registry : request scope
b) Zend_Session : session scope

a) Zend_Registry is used to store objects/values for the current request. In short, anything that you commit to Registry in index.php can be accessed from other controllers/actions (because EVERY request is first routed to the index.php bootstrapper via the .htaccess file). Config parameters and db parameters are generally prepped for global use using the Zend_Registry object.

b) Zend_Session actually uses PHP sessions. Data stored using Zend_Session can be accessed in different/all pages. So, if you want to create a variable named ‘UserRole’ in the /auth/login script and want it to be accessible in /auth/redirect, you would use Zend_Session.
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Ques 13. When do we need to disable layout?
Ans. At the time of calling AJAX to fetch we need to disable layout.
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Ques 14. Where is the model in ZF’s MVC implementation?
Ans. The model component can vary dramatically in responsibilities and data store from one MVC application to the next.
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Ques 15. How to call two different views from same action?
Ans. Example1:
Public function indexAction() {

Public function indexAction() {
Now in your index.phtml you can have this statement to call other view
$this->action(‘action name’,’controller name’,’module name’,array(‘parameter name’=>’parameter value’));
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