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Zend Framework Interview Questions and Answers

Ques 16. How to include css from controller and view in zend.

Ans. From within a view file: $this->headLink()->appendStylesheet(‘filename.css’);
From within a controller: $this->view->headLink()->appendStylesheet(‘filename.css’);
And then somewhere in your layout you need to echo out your headLink object:

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Ques 17. How do you protect your site from sql injection in zend when using select query?
Ans. You have to quote the strings,
$this->getAdapter ()->quote ( );
$select->where ( ” = “, );
OR (If you are using the question mark after equal to sign)
$select->where ( ” = ? “, );
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Ques 18. What is MVC?
Ans. => Model-View-Controller development pattern.
=> MVC is a software approach that separates application logic from presentation.
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Ques 19. Features of MVC in Zend Framework?
Ans. => Declare custom routing rules
Not limited to “controller/action/param” format
=> Optional Controller Plugins, Action Helpers, and View Helpers
ErrorHandler plugin handles exceptions, 404 errors, etc.
FlashMessenger, Redirector, ViewRenderer helpers
Output common HTML elements in views
=> Extensible interfaces
Write your own plugins and helpers
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Ques 20. Why can't Zend_Form render my File element without errors?
Ans. The file element needs a special file decorator, which is added by default. When you set your own decorators for file elements, you delete the default decorators.
For example:
You should use a File decorator instead of the ViewHelper for the file element, like so:
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