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RichFaces Interview Questions and Answers

Ques 6. How to different skins are runtime?


We can define an applications skin with EL expression like this:
Deine a session scoped skinBean and manage its currentSkin  property at runtime with your skin names values.  Every time a page is rendered, RichFaces will resolve the value in #{skinBean.currentSkin} to get the current skin.  Changing Skins should not be done via AJAX but with a full page refresh. A full page refresh will ensure that all CSS links are correctly updated based on the new skin.

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Ques 7. Tell me about a4j:outputPanel and ajaxRendered?
Ans. "ajaxRendered"  attribute of the  <a4j:outputPanel>  set to "true" allows to define the area of the page that will be re-rendered even if it is not pointed in the reRender attribute explicitly. It might be useful if you have an area on a page that should be updated as a response on any Ajax request.
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Ques 8. What is limitToList attribute?
"limitToList"  attribute allows to dismiss the behavior of the  <a4j:outputPanel>   "ajaxRendered" attribute.
limitToList = "true" means to update only the area(s) that mentioned in the "reRender"  attribute explicitly. All output panels with ajaxRendered="true" is ignored.
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Ques 9. Give some examples of RichFaces Components.
Some components of RichFaces:
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Ques 10. Give some examples of a4j components.
Ans. Some examples of a4j components:
  • <a4j:commandLink>
  • <a4j:commandButton>
  • <a4j:outputPanel>
  • <a4j:region>
  • <a4j:mediaOutput>
  • <a4j:queue>
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