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Dojo Interview Questions and Answers

Ques 6. Tell us about Language Libraries in Dojo.


• dojo.lang.*
• Wrappers for common idioms
• Functional programming APIs
• For Example
– dojo.lang.forEach
– dojo.lang.map
– dojo.lang.assert

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Ques 7. Describe Event System in Dojo.
• ”Like crack for web developers”
• Any function can be notified when other function fires
• Any DOM object can be connected to any function dojo.event.connect(”id”, ”onClick”, listenerObj, ”handleOnClick”);
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Ques 8. Tell us about Environment-Specific Libraries in Dojo.
• Libraries provides routines for handling the environment
• Consist of svg, html, style and dom packages 
• Provides some methods for arrange HTML document
• There is also methods for handling DOM trees and SVG models
• Those routines extend existing routines
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Ques 9. What are Application Support Libraries in Dojo?
• Consist of the most interesting routines
• IO package provides routines e.g. for AJAX binding
• DND package provides routines for drag-and-drop operations
• There is also some useful routines in logging, storage and animation packages
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Ques 10. Relation between AJAX and Dojo.
• Dojo is sometimes advertised as AJAX framework
• It is able to make AJAX requests with Dojo
• But the technique of binding is under the abstraction layer that Dojo has.
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