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Dojo Interview Questions and Answers

Ques 11. What is Widget Toolkit in Dojo?


• Widget toolkit is also a very noticeable part of Dojo toolkit
• Widget is a user interface object that has a layout and some properties
• In Dojo widgets are HTML+CSS bound by JavaScript
• Dojo has lots of useful widgets e.g. Tabs, sorting table, dialogs

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Ques 12. Example of Dojo script using widgets.
<!-- ... -->
<textarea dojoType=”Editor2”>
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Ques 13. What are the disadvantages of Dojo?
  • Even if Dojo is nice, beautiful etc, it is quite heavy
  • The documentation is still quite narrow
  • Needs much network
  • Developer depends on the browser support for the Dojo
  • There is no way to hide the Dojo code in case of commercial application
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Ques 14. What are the features of Dojo?
  • Dojo is based on HTML and JavaScript, so its easy for the developers to learn it fast.
  • There is no requirement of learning new programming language. Just HTML and JavaScript knowledge if sufficient.
  • Dojo provides higher abstraction layer to the programmer.  So, it helps the programmers to develop powerful functions very easily.
  • Dojo has already invented the wheels for the programmers and now programmers just have to use the Dojo api into their application
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Ques 15. Give some components that comes along with Dojo framework.
  • DOJO Tree
  • DOJO Button
  • DOJO Calendar control
  • DOJO Grid
  • DOJO List box
  • and many more..
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