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Ques. Need to make a project as war file

- Please give me an example of build.xml where I can make .war file for my project.

Posted on Aug 19, 2014 by Nilkant
Ans. That saves me. Thanks for being so sesbnile!
Posted on Nov 05, 2014 by Lolo

Ans. war
Posted on Nov 24, 2014 by alok kumar

Ans. yes
Posted on Nov 24, 2014 by alok kumar

Ans. Hi Friends...

Please use below build.xml example and try.


<target name="clean">
<delete dir="build"/>

<target name="compile">
<mkdir dir="build/classes"/>
<javac srcdir="src" destdir="build/classes"/>

<target name="jar">
<mkdir dir="build/jar"/>
<jar destfile="build/jar/HelloWorld.jar" basedir="build/classes">
<attribute name="Main-Class" value="oata.HelloWorld"/>

<target name="run">
<java jar="build/jar/HelloWorld.jar" fork="true"/>

Posted on Jul 21, 2015 by MANOHAR

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